Tangled Up: The Story of Godoma

In August 2015, the sweet Godoma was rescued from the bottom of a well. Battered and bruised from the steep fall, Godoma was apprehensive of the Conservancy scouts who arrived to rescue her. Hoping to reconnect the five-month-old calf with her herd, they released her back into the wild and observed her from afar.

But sweet Godoma was lost, confused, and utterly abandoned. The elephant Keepers were finally called to her rescue when she was observed trailing a herd of zebra and a few buffalo. The Keepers and the Nursery staff prepared the struggling calf for flight, and she was on her way to her new home at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Voi Reintegration Unit.

Her first night in the Nursery, Godoma cried through the night, missing her family and uncertain of her unfamiliar surroundings. As the night wore on, Godoma eventually settled in with the company of her fellow orphans and the attentive care of the Keepers.

In the four years since her rescue, Godoma has recovered well physically but is still suffering from the emotional scars of her traumatic youth. She is typically shy and reserved, remaining on the fringes of the group when roaming or gathering with other orphans. But each day, Godoma grows more confident and comfortable with her newfound herd. She loves racing with her friends and greedily guzzles her milk bottle at meal times. She has even been taking on the role of group leader, warmly welcoming new orphans upon arrival.

Thanks to the camaraderie of her fellow orphans and the care of their loyal Keepers, Godoma is thriving at Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. If you are as inspired by Godoma’s story as we are, consider supporting her recovery and the incredible work of the team at Sheldrick Wildlife Trust with a purchase of Tangled Up, or any other print in our SWT Series. Together, we can help create a better future for these orphans and their herds.

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