Last minute gift ideas for animal lovers

While brimming with good tidings, the holiday season can often be at odds with sustainability and conservation efforts. From single-use items like wrapping paper, to the food we select to fill our plates, the opportunities for choosing sustainability are ripe! In this post, I’m offering some last-minute gift ideas for animal lovers that are both heart-warming for the season and good for our planet.

Remember that what you spend money on is what you support.Take time to research the products you are gifting and be sure they’re aligned with your values and hopes for our world.

 For those of you who have put your shopping off, here are a few gift ideas for staying committed to conservation and sustainability throughout the season (and—checking those final recipients off your gift list!): 

Adopt a Orphaned Animal

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Elephants

Did you know that you can adopt one of the orphan elephants or rhinos at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust?

For as little as $50 a year, you can directly support the care of an orphaned animal, whether that’s Apollo, a 2-year-old rhino that was orphaned when he was about 6 months old; Rokka, an 11-month-old baby girl elephant; or 9-year-old Kelelari, an elephant orphaned years ago due to poaching. 

When you adopt an animal you’ll receive: 

  • A personalized adoption certificate
  • A monthly email with an update on your orphan and the program
  • Access to photo, video, and elephant keepers’ diary updates
  • A monthly watercolor by Angela Sheldrick

I’ve personally adopted animals on behalf of my clients as a gift and can confirm how special and impactful the gesture is, especially at this time of year.

Head to the LINK HERE to meet the animals up for adoption and give the hope of conservation this season.


Lewa Wildlife Conservancy Rhinos

50% of Lewa’s annual budget is allocated to the costs of protecting and nurturing their populations of black and white rhinos. You can be a part of providing for these vital needs by “adopting” a rhino on a colleague or friend’s behalf.

When you do, the recipient will get:

  • An adoption certificate
  • Twice-yearly updates on your selected rhino
  • Updates and news from Lewa Wildlife Conservancy

What better way to spread the message of conservation and hope for wildlife than by bringing your loved ones into awareness and engagement with the vital needs of these threatened species?

Click here to sign up for more information on adopting a rhino.


Clothe Them in Conservation

For Adults

Infuse your most earth-friendly friend’s crusade with this Northern White Rhino Top so they can wear their heart on their (literal) sleeve! The powerful graphic on this t-shirt from Ol Pejeta Conservancy illustrates the grave status of the white rhino subspecies, which now consists of just a mother and daughter pair—Najin and Fatu. 

Or—give this equally impactful “Our Last Hope” t-shirt, featuring Fatu’s participation in the BioRescue program as the species’ last hope for survival. Bring the message home for the animal lovers on your list and support Ol Pejeta’s efforts to help preserve the species with your purchase.

“Conservation really is about people’s relationship with wildlife and nature.”

Lewa Wildlife Conservancy’s community-based approach (quoted above) honors the responsibility of people as an integral part of wildlife conservation. That’s why this hand-print logo t-shirt perfectly symbolizes our relationship with nature. For the communally-oriented people in your life, give the gift of one of these Limited Edition t-shirts to drive home the beautiful reliance we have on nature, and vice versa.

No one saves wildlife alone. Gift this shirt, in long-sleeve and short-sleeve styles, to remind others that it will take a (global) village to protect the wildlife we love.


For Teens

This “charming” elephant necklace is the perfect age-appropriate accessory for the budding young conservationists in your world. Inspire them to wear their values and share what’s closest to their hearts—literally and figuratively—by gifting this handcrafted, gold-plated necklace lovingly inscribed with “Sheldrick Wildlife Trust” on the back.



For Babies

Even the smallest of us can make a big impact for conservation with this adorable onesie featuring Garzi the orphan. 

Garzi, named for the area in which he was found, was given a second chance at life when he was rescued from the looming threat of poachers nearby. In 2014, he graduated from the SWT Nairobi Nursery and now thrives in the Ithumba Reintegration Unit.

Help the little ones in your life spread the message of conservation by gifting this 100% cotton onesie, where 100% of the proceeds will support the life-saving mission of Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.


Bring It Close to Home

The only kind of animals you want hanging on your walls are the kind that are framed and photographed with medium format film. This holiday season, share the beauty and majesty of wildlife with one of our Limited Release 8x10” fine art prints.


At less than $100, they’re easy to frame in standard, 8x10” frames and they come personally signed by me, KT Merry. Give the gift of fine art that lasts for generations while directly supporting our conservation partners: 20% of your purchase is donated to the conservancy where the photograph was taken.

Featuring two best-selling prints from each of our Collections, our Limited Release Collection is only available through December 31st. Collect one or collect all 6 prints, but get your last-minute gifts here and feel good knowing you are directly supporting vital conservation efforts, while giving your loved ones meaningful art for their home.


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