July: Pure 'Devotion' at Ol Pejeta Conservancy

In the United States, we kick off July with a holiday specifically celebrating national pride and devotion. In the spirit recognizing loyalty, we chose Devotion from our Ol Pejeta Series as our July Print of the Month, which means you can purchase this special print for a limited-time discount with the same 20% donation to our partner organization.

Devotion is an endearing portrait of Najin, one of the last remaining northern white rhinos, and her dedicated caretaker James. In the two years Najin and Fatu have been at Ol Pejeta, they have grown incredibly close to James who has committed his life to their care and to their belly rubs.

In a recent interview, James shared memories of his childhood growing up near Mount Kenya and his interactions and fascination with the local wildlife. His upbringing sparked his interest in devoting his career to caring for vulnerable creatures on the verge of extinction. Six years after starting at Ol Pejeta as one of Sudan’s caregivers, he now spends his days nurturing “the girls” Najin and Fatu. From checking on their health to cleaning their pens and guarding them day in and day out, James is their trusted companion and caregiver.

The dedication of James and the other Ol Pejeta rangers shines through in KIFARU, the feature-length documentary highlighting Sudan and the team that cared for him. Filmed in the final years of Sudan’s life, it is a touching testimony to the impact of the amazing people that devote their lives to protecting some of our most vulnerable species. Through this film, you can feel the love James and his team have for their life-saving work.

James’ devotion to these rhinos and all the vulnerable species he encounters is at the core of everything he does. He is inspired by the resilience of these creatures and finds deep fulfillment in knowing that his work is promoting the livelihood of a critically endangered species. You can honor the work of Ol Pejeta and caretakers like James by purchasing “Devotion” during the month of July. As always, 20% of your purchase of this print or any in the Ol Pejeta collection will support the work of this group and the resilience of this species.

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