Good News from 2018

As we kick off 2019, we are more inspired than ever by the work of our partners. In October, we recapped Lewa Wildlife Conservancy’s 2017 Annual Report, which highlighted the organization’s accomplishments through its fiscal year. Today, we are sharing another report from the Conservancy, which shares the organization’s 2018 accomplishments, many of which have been made possible by your support of our artwork.


One of the accomplishments we at Render Loyalty are most proud of is the record number of rhino births, making the conservancy home to more than 170 rhinos, none of which fell victim to poachers in 2018. Lewa has now surpassed 5 years without a single poaching incident. Through its efforts in tourism, enhanced security, livelihoods improvement, and more, Lewa aims to be home to over 200 rhinos in 2019.


Grevy’s Zebra

We are excited about the increased survival rate of Grevy’s zebra foals in 2018 who have previously been threatened by predation, which slowed population growth. The Grevy’s zebra is endangered with approximately 2,800 left in the world, 11% of which live at Lewa. The area also experienced a great rainy season, enhancing the pastures zebra foals and other wildlife rely on.


Impact on Youth

Lewa also gained the recognition of the global tech community as winner of $250,000 in Kenya’s Google Impact Challenge, which will help Lewa scale its Digital Literacy Programme, providing access to quality digital education to local youth. This increased digital literacy is supporting Kenya’s national goal of ensuring every student is prepared for the modern world.

Lewa also impacted over 400 students and teachers through its conservation education program. This critical initiative shares knowledge of local issues such as human wildlife conflict, land degradation, water harvesting, and wildlife protection, equipping them to become environmental stewards and advocates.


In addition to all of these amazing accomplishments, Lewa’s IUCN Green Listing was renewed, recognizing it as “one of the 40 best managed sites in the world achieving demonstrable impact.” One of the Lewa rangers, Kapuna ‘Nanyuki’ Lepale, was also recognized with a Paradise Award for anti-poaching excellence. As if that wasn’t enough, Lewa also received a Runner Up award from the Federation of Kenya employers for Responsible Business Conduct.


This year, we are excited to recommit to our amazing partners, including Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. We hope you will join us in our support by purchasing a print from our Lewa collection. We look forward to continuing our partnership and celebrating even more achievements in the coming year.


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