A Starry Night in Kenya

While we celebrate any opportunity to contribute to the incredible work of our partner organizations, we are especially excited to share with you today that the Render Loyalty Lewa Series will be on display this evening, October 30th, at A Starry Night in Kenya, in New York City, which celebrates the new partnership between Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and neighboring community conservancy Il Ngwesi.

Render Loyalty has partnered with Lewa Wildlife Conservancy for more than 3 years. In that time, we have produced our Lewa Series, which contributes 20% of its sales directly back to the Conservancy. Twelve limited edition pieces of this series will be on display at the A Starry Night event, and a framed First Edition of Lewa's Legacy will be included in the auction, which will also be accessible online. Render Loyalty donates 60% of each First Edition print sale directly to Lewa Wildlife Conservancy.






Render Loyalty donates 60% of each First Edition print sale and 20% of all other Lewa Series print sales directly to Lewa Wildlife Conservancy.



Just as we were excited when Lewa Wildlife Conservancy partnered with the Borana Conservancy to expand their impact, we look forward to learning more about this new partnership with Il Ngwesi, a Maasai-owned and managed community conservancy.

Il Ngwesi operates with an emphasis on responsible tourism and community-based initiatives, two values also at the heart of the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy model. We are confident in their vision to establish Africa’s newest black rhino sanctuary and safe haven, and we look forward to hearing from speakers Kip ole Polos, Board Chair of Il Ngwesi, and Jonathan Baillie, Executive Vice President and Chief Scientist at the National Geographic Society, about the vision for and potential of this partnership.

Bids are open now for the online silent auction! View the items and place your bid here.

All images are from our Lewa Series, taken by KT Merry at the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy.

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